• Oral Surgery

  • Our surgeons have undergone extensive training and have the skills and expertise to perform a range of oral surgeries. From minor tooth extractions to jaw realignment, they are able to safely treat patients of all ages. In order to ensure the comfort all patients, our surgeons are trained in anesthesia and post-op care. They are here for you every step of your treatment process.

    Sedation and Anesthesia

    Depending on the patient's nervousness, we offer a variety of anesthetic options. Your comfort and safety are always our number one priority. We will discuss all your sedation and anesthetic options before we begin any treatment.  

    Wisdom Teeth

    Your third and final set of molars, known as "wisdom teeth" come in later in life, usually in your late teens or early twenties. With all your permanent teeth, it's rare your wisdom teeth have room to fully develop and emerge. If your wisdom teeth do surface, they can cause surrounding teeth to shift and you may experience pain or discomfort in your head and neck. Other symptoms include cysts, tumors, and infections. If they aren't removed in a timely manner, you may have difficulties chewing, get frequent headaches, and are more prone to tooth decay and gum disease.

    With diagnostic radiology, our team can detect if your wisdom teeth will be an issue or not. We are able to remove wisdom teeth safely and comfortably, with the use of an anesthetic. At your initial appointment, Dr. Heath or one of his team members will discuss your unique situation and determine a treatment plan. 


    Some teeth have been so badly damaged and are past the point of restoration and must be extracted. If a patient has severe periodontal disease or tooth decay, was in a car accident, has an extra tooth or cyst, it's likely we will have to extract the problemed tooth and/or teeth. Our most common extraction is wisdom teeth removal. Dr. Heath has over 30 years of experience extracting teeth.  

    Dental Implants

    Dental implants are artificial teeth roots used to substitute missing teeth. If you’ve lost a tooth from an incident, infection, or disease, Dr. Heath and his team can help restore full functionality in your mouth with dental implants. They serve as an alternative to dentures or dental bridges. While dental implants replace missing teeth, they also give you a better-looking smile since they are made to resemble your natural teeth. 

    Oral Lesions – Cancer Screening

    Many people do not know oral cancer is more common and dangerous than other types of cancer like cervical cancer. Dr. Heath and his team have the skills and experience to detect oral cancer even at its earliest stages. A major issue is that people simply aren't getting tested for oral cancer. Many people aren't aware they have oral cancer until it's already had the chance to metastasize, which can easily spread to the lymph nodes in your neck. 

    Your role is key in diagnosing oral cancer. If you experience any unusual symptoms in between appointments, they should be seen by a professional.