• Spring Sports and Mouthguards

  • Soccer mouthguard oral healthWhile much of the nation was buried under snow through the start of the spring season, we had the pleasure of decent temperatures to kick off our spring sports.  From soccer to golf, tennis to lacrosse, spring sports have us chomping at the bit to get outdoors and get some exercise.  So grab your gear and safety equipment and head outside, right?  Just make sure you give our Oklahoma City dentist a quick visit for a mouthguard before you get started.


    Why do I Need a Mouthguard?

    No matter what sport or physical activity you engage in, a mouthguard should be a recommended part of your uniform.  If you grind your teeth in concentration in a low-impact activity or partake in high-impact sports, a mouthguard is a necessity.  Clenching and grinding of teeth is a common characteristic in many athletes.  The problem with this is that you could develop TMJ issues, wear down your tooth enamel, and damage oral cavity bones and teeth.  While our Oklahoma City dentist offers Cosmetic Dentistry options, we’d much rather have you protected and safe with the right gear.


    What Kind of Mouthguard do I Need?

    The type of mouthguard you need varies by individual.  Children benefit from the boil and bite style that molds to their teeth after being placed in boiling water for a few seconds.  It takes just a few minutes from start to finish to create a mouthguard molded to your child’s teeth.  Since their mouths are still growing and their teeth are still moving, this is a perfect option.  Additionally, as they are likely to lose many of them, this product is inexpensive and easy to replace.

    Generic mouthguards come in a wide variety of sizes and price ranges.  Some high-end mouthguards are a great option for those who wear braces or for athletes who want a sturdy mouthguard without the help of a professional like our Oklahoma City dentist or staff.  Other less expensive generic mouthguards can protect your teeth, but not to the extent of a custom designed mouthguard.

    Custom designed mouthguards are those which are created by our dental professional.  The mouthguards are built using an impression of your mouth.  These styles offer the best protection for your teeth and mouth.


    Do Mouthguards Differ for Certain Sports?

    Talk with our Oklahoma dentist about your activities and needs.  If you are a cyclist but tend to grind your teeth during races or steep uphill climbs, a thin mouthguard can be created.  For football, soccer, lacrosse, or basketball, you may want more protection.


    While mouthguards are not yet a required part of equipment for every sport, we believe they should be viewed as such.  Mouthguards protect your smile, cushion your jaw from painful injuries, and reduce the risk of concussions.  Visit us on Facebook for more ways to protect your smile or schedule your appointment today to ensure you are ready for the season.