• Spring Clean Your Home and Teeth

  • Clean toothbrushHave you ever wondered about the term ‘spring cleaning?’  For the most part, we take it to mean a time to give our homes’ a good cleaning.  But spring cleaning can be more than just a time period to toss out unused items.  Our Oklahoma City dentist has a twist on spring cleaning that will keep not only your teeth clean, but your home clean as well.

    Write it down

    Take the time to write out a to-do list.  It doesn’t need to be in depth.  Just make it easy.  You’re much more likely to accomplish your task when you write it down and space it out over a period of time.  Conversely, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is and may knock out 2-3 chores a day.  Be sure not to overdo it, though.  If you get burned out by cleaning, you probably won’t finish your list.  For this reason, we suggest only one or two cabinets or drawers each day.

    What to clean

    The idea is not only to clean your home, but to get rid of unwanted and unused items as well.  This is why our Oklahoma City dentist and staff suggest cleaning only a small amount each day.  Start with your bathroom.  Clean your toothbrush holder, replace your old toothbrush with a new one and wipe out the medicine cabinet or drawer where they are located.  Throw out anything that hasn’t been used in the last 6 months or so and be done.  Tomorrow you can move on to another cabinet.

    Give us a call

    While you are making progress on your home, you also need to make sure you attend to your health.  Schedule your spring cleaning dental exam with a quick call to our office.  We’ll make sure your teeth are in great shape and start your season off with a mouth free of plaque and cavities.

    Gear up

    Our final Oklahoma City dentist spring cleaning tip is to make sure you have your full uniform if you participate in spring sports.  To us, this means a mouthguard.  We want to protect your teeth so you can enjoy your season rather than have to put it on hold while your teeth are being repaired.  Call us to discuss what mouthguard is right for you.  We can custom-make a mouthguard specific to your teeth or discuss other options that may be suited for you.


    Spring cleaning doesn’t need to wear you out.  Embrace it and enjoy getting rid of old items that have accumulated over the years.  You’ll have more space which will make your home feel larger.  At the same time, if you follow our tips, you’ll have a clean mouth with sparkling teeth.  Pop over to our Facebook page for more ways to care for your oral health.  Happy cleaning to you all!