• Celebrate a Month of Health

  • Pediatric DentistryAside from the Valentine’s candy and chocolate that circulate throughout the month of February, it is also a month of health awareness.  Perhaps it’s no great surprise that this month is American Heart Month; it ties in perfectly with the 14th, after all.  At our Oklahoma City dentist office, and throughout the country, it is also National Children’s Dental Health Month.  In honor of this tradition, let’s take a look at how you can teach your child about the importance of health.


    Be a role model

    Children take their cues from adults.  They watch what we eat, how we act, and what we say.  They mimic our actions.  This is why it’s important to act as their role model.  Choose healthy foods to snack on and limit sugary treats.  Sugar sticks to teeth and leads to tooth decay.  Unfortunately, nearly 40% of children experience tooth decay from a lack of proper oral hygiene.

    Let your child see you brush and floss.  They will come to realize the importance of oral health over time while having fun copying your actions.  Act as a stand-in dentist every day by checking their work, or brushing and flossing younger children’s teeth.  Of course, don’t forget to schedule an appointment with their Oklahoma City dentist and hygienist.

    Aside from brushing and flossing, keep a healthy selection of snacks on hand and partake in moderate exercise.  Growing children need nutritious foods and exercise to nourish their heart, bones, and teeth.


    Get Creative

    Children are fantastic at using their imagination.  Let them invent a game to play outdoors.  The fresh air and activity will teach them a love for nature, exercise, and creativity.  For colder months or rainy days, bring the fun indoors.  Relay races, jumping rope, riding bicycles, and building forts are great ways to keep everyone’s heart in top shape.

    If you have a picky eater, it can be tough finding healthy alternatives before giving into processed foods.  The good news is that these phases pass; eventually, young taste buds will open up to new flavors.  In the meantime, a blender can be your best friend.  Smoothies are tasty treats that can easily hide vegetables.  If chili is on the menu, blend the kidney beans before adding it to the pot.  The possibilities are numerous and you’re bound to find a menu that everyone will want to eat.


    Brain Health

    Besides a healthy heart and healthy mouth, children’s brains need a boost.  The foods they put into their body, exercise, and overall health sustains them.  However, they also need to boost their brain.  A trip to the library and reading for 20 minutes each day is just as important as brushing twice each day and flossing.

    Finally, children need a good night’s sleep.  Establish a routine with your family that involves heart health and oral care.  Read a book together to settle down for the day and turn out the lights.  Our Oklahoma City dentist can recommend a few favorite reads if you need assistance.

    We’d love to learn how you and your children celebrated February on Facebook or our social media pages.  If the month sped by, it’s not too late to talk to your family about the importance of oral health and how to keep their body in top form.