• Happy New Year or Horrific Halitosis?

  • Preventative Dentistry-Oklahoma City dentistHow is your New Year starting off?  Did you make a resolution that you are sticking to so far?  Have you strayed from your goals at all?  As commonly is the case, it is always difficult to start a new goal and stick with it.  As an Oklahoma City dentist who sees many cases of oral hygiene neglect, why not start the year off right with a different kind of resolution?   Make it a goal this year to have fresh breath and clean teeth.


    One of the most common questions our Oklahoma City dentist is asked centers around bad breath, or halitosis.  Patients assume that simply brushing and flossing will remove the issue.  While proper oral hygiene care along with regular check-ups are sure to keep your breath fresh and teeth clean, there may be an underlying issue that we can help you resolve.

    Food and Drink

    Occasionally, what you eat can be the cause of halitosis.  Rich foods with garlic and onion are likely causes as is cheese, coffee, and alcohol.  Brushing after you eat staves off these pungent odors.  A diet high in sugar and carbohydrates can cause cavities that emit a bad odor.  In this case, treating the cavity is the best way to remove bad breath.

    Dental Work

    If you have a crown or bridgework, or if you wear dentures, the dental work can be the cause of halitosis if you aren’t properly cleaning your mouth, tongue, and teeth.  Talk with our Oklahoma City dentist and hygienist to learn how to keep your dental work clean.  A cracked crown could be the culprit, harboring bacteria that may go unnoticed.  Likewise, ask improper brushing and flossing and neglecting your tongue can let bad breath linger.

    Preventative Dentistry

    If you have a tooth that is missing, a tooth that is damaged from a cavity, or a root that is dying, schedule a consultation with our team of experts.  A simple Preventative dental procedure can clean out the problem and repair your tooth.  The tooth, or lack of one, just may be the cause of your halitosis.   Our mouths house plenty of bacteria.  If allowed to make themselves at home, they can cause decay which leads to unpleasant odors.  Fixing a cracked tooth or utilizing implants preserves your smile and eliminates areas where bacteria can hide.

    Halitosis can increase your anxiety level and keep you from being outgoing in social gatherings and office situations.  Begin your goal towards a clean mouth and fresh breath with a regular dental exam with our Oklahoma City dentist and talk to us about your concerns.  A new year can mean a new you and a clean, refreshing smile.  Bad breath is so last year.  Start the year without the fear of offending any time you open your mouth and follow our Facebook page for tips and advice on keeping your breath fresh and your teeth clean all year long.